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The Galloping Goop range began in 2017 with a degreaser, shampoo, and conditioner, but we have continued to add more products to the range creating constant growth and diversity.

Galloping Goop is a 3-step cleaning process for the horse. It includes a Degreaser, a Shampoo, and a Conditioner. The degreaser is the initial step and differs from other products in that is applied to the horse’s dry coat and allowed to sit. After 15 minutes you rinse the degreaser out and follow with Galloping Goop Glossy Coat Shampoo to ensure all the degreaser has been removed, then Galloping Goop Glossy Coat Conditioner for a silky soft finish.

Its powerful yet gentle formula gets to work right before your eyes as it warms against the animal. It works its way right through the coat and down to the skin, breaking down and dissolving any dirt, grease, or stains along the way. It will also deep cleanse the animal’s pores and leave a visible freshness to the coat that lasts. All this is achieved will minimal scrubbing needed on the handler’s behalf.

Galloping Goop's deep cleaning ability makes it ideal for those hard to reach places like the dock of the tail and the crest of the mane. The cleaning power of Galloping Goop is outstanding and extremely effective on yellow tails and the legs of feathered breeds. Best of all the product is formulated from all-natural oils and minerals, it is nontoxic, biodegradable, safe to use on all colour horses, pregnant mares, young foals and even on horses with sensitive skin.


Galloping Goop helps to save water as it is applied to the coat dry. The products will not strip the coats natural oils and are designed to be low foaming reducing unnecessary excess rinsing. Because Galloping Goop is self-activating it eradicates all the back-breaking scrubbing and effort usually associated with achieving a showring worthy finish.

Galloping Goop contains no chemicals or bleaches, and because Galloping Goop is capable of gently cleansing the skin and pores it is a non-medicated formula that will soothe and freshen the skin assisting with the loosening and removal of shedding hair, itchiness and discomfort.


The most common feedback we receive is "Thank you!  Finally, a product that works" or "I have spent £1000's on products over the years and nothing has come close to Galloping Goop." and "My mares’ tail is no longer yellow, finally we can get back out in the showring" We are very proud to be making people smile. 

Galloping Goop has in a short time earnt itself a strong loyal client base in the International market, and a fantastic reputation globally with distributors in Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

 Galloping Goop was also a runner up in last year’s “European Product of the Year Awards”, which we feel was a fantastic achievement for such a new/young product.




The GOOP brand began back in 1949 with a single, waterless hand cleaner and has grown into a complete range of products designed for tough, specialized situations. GOOP products have built a reputation for being able to ‘remove almost anything, from almost everything’

Lets travel back to 1943, when our founder, John Critzas,(pictured) was drafted at the young age of 18 to serve his country in World War II. As a Sherman tank gunner in the 12th Armored Division under General George Patton, John belonged to the group of brave young men known as the Hellcats. During his service, he took part in numerous heroic missions, including rescues and concentration camp liberations. 

To help preserve the memory of their experiences, John was one of four veterans who founded the Twelfth Armored Division Memorial Museum in Abilene, Texas. Its primary mission is to provide education about World War II, its effect on the American people and the world, and to help ensure the atrocities committed then will never be repeated.

After his return to civilian life, John founded his company in 1949 – the same manufacturing facility that has produced all GOOP Products for more than 65 years. 

Located in St. Louis, the company remains a family-owned and operated business. The Critzas family has continued John’s legacy and take great pride in the quality of their fine, American-made brand, the choice of do-it-yourselfers all over the world.

GOOP serves a multitude of industries and has a very strong global presence. It can be found in the automotive, hardware, janitorial, construction, agricultural, mining, domestic, oil and military markets. 


John Critaz 

Founder of Critaz Industries

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